Multiple Sclerosis

Are you living with Multiple Sclerosis? We’d like to hear more about your experiences.



Telephone Interview



60 minutes



Who can apply to participate?

People in the US living with Multiple Sclerosis

What’s involved?

The purpose of this research is to gain an insight into your experiences living with MS, from the early signs and stages and diagnosis, to the current day. Touching on many elements, potentially including your opinion on the treatments you’ve been taking to manage symptoms along the way. You will be asked to participate in a telephone interview with screenshare, during which you will be asked a series of questions by one of our independent researchers. There are no right or wrong answers, we are simply wanting to hear your opinions and views.

As a thank you for your help?

You will receive $125 for your time and opinions.

What Countries / Areas?


Please rest-assured that there will be no attempt to sell or promote anything to you during this conversation and that your details will be kept confidentially at all times.

By voluntarily providing your details below, you consent to Adept Field Solutions collecting and using the information for the purposes of contacting you for market research. You may opt out at any time and your personal data will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent.

What type of MS have you been diagnosed with?
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